MECRYP is a new portal based on blockchain technology.

The idea of the project is simple, but innovative; that's why we will try to achieve the objectives proposed in the roadmap.

MECRYP is a cryptocurrency based on Waves' blockchain technology, which will be distributed equitably to all users who apply for airdrops or contribute to the project, reward campaigns and so on.

It will not be sold, only freely distributed.

The main idea of MECRYP is to be a memes portal including blockchain technology. But this does not end here: we have other ideas in the process of development for the project, such as the creation of an online store.

This part of the project is far from being realized right now. We are focused on other factors.

In the future we would also like to be able to integrate blockchain technology into the shop and accept payments in various cryptocurrencys.

The main and already achieved, is to be the first portal of memes using blockchain technology.

You can collaborate with the project by voluntarily making memes, which will be reviewed, and if qualified eligible later will be uploaded to the portal.

By completing these memes you can be rewarded with MCP.

There will only be a total of 11,000,000,000 MECRYP available, which will be distributed little by little in the airdrop, and with the contributions to the project by providing memes, publicity, etc.

 It is possible that in the future a certain amount of token will be burned. Everything will always be done with prior notice to the community and with the idea of having a token more "unique" and attractive to the markets.

The launch and first airdrop of the project is planned for 01/11/17, with prior notice on the website and in the forum announcement.

The amounts are still to be defined, but we believe that in the first airdrops we will distribute a total amount of 1,000,000 token, counting the reward campaign.

Reward campaigns, for advertising the website in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter.. Advertise in videos, whether on the Youtube platform, or any other video platform, post news about the project on blogs, or similar platforms.