Translate & moderation payment structure

- Whitepaper: 300 MCP

- ANN Post: 200 MCP

Moderation & conservation: 5 MCP for valid post

Signature Bounty

- Jr Member & Member: 15 MCP per week

- Full Member: 30 MCP per week

- Sr Member: 50 MCP per week

- Hero & Legendary: 80 MCP per week

Mecryp's Creation

The will be qualified as bad, good or very good and will be delivered in the following quantities

- Bad: 5 MCP

- Good: 40 MCP

- Very Good: 80 MCP

Remember that you can earn cryptocurrencys only for meme's creation and send them to us, contact us at or register in the weekly meme's creation campaign "Mecryp's" and receive your weekly payment, here I leave the link.


Signature campaign rules
1: Keep your signature unchanged throughout the week so that you can receive your MCP
2: You must have a minimum of 10 messages each week you participate in the campaign
3: Messages must be constructive and relative to the Topic. Spam, low quality, copy and paste and no relative do not count.
4: Accepted messages will be those that have a minimum of 20 characters.
5: Payments will be made weekly.