In order to participate in the airdrop you must fill out the following form:

Have more information in the official post of bitcointalk:

The first airdrop was successfully completed, total number of tokens distributed 19,859, remember that to participate in the next 2 you must sign up on the new form and post in the official bitcointalk thread indicating that you participate, this form will be valid for the following 2 weeks, remember that airdrop is weekly, thank you all for the support.


Second week


Third week


If you want to contribute voluntarily to the development of the project..
BTC: 1aXer89ANDY9zB1MsyFn3BowPTicJCmsQ  ETH: 0x9570617E5E92290b772855aA732eBa23E5cAc252   WAVES: 3P4zDq4VYP4UShuJHoyFVCZ2HpgRKZVDK7u